Deepika Padukone scared of cancelled her Fashion Week tour

Deepika Padukone scared of cancelled her Fashion Week tour

Deepika Padukone is one of the stunningly beautiful and nice actresses from the Bollywood scene. She is also known for her stunning fashion frames. Due to the scary situation of coronavirus starting from the small people to the actor actresses everyone is scared and as per the interview on news channels with Deepika Padukone and her Fashion tour to Paris.

It usually not happened until the Indian government heaven guided about the coronavirus and once the announcement from the government has done to control the same Deepika Padukone had taken it seriously and canceled her tour.

So this is the question she was going and what is the status of coronavirus at that place. Deepika Padukone was invited by luxury fashion house at Paris fashion week for the participation. The show was committed to run until March 3 2020. Sing that the coronavirus is is getting spread within at lightning-fast speed worldwide Deepika Padukone canceled her tour to Paris.

She was having another Fashion tour that friends which were even canceled due to the critical situation.


This is a fact that there are two different cases which is discovered in Telangana and Delhi. The Indian government also give the statement that if it is not important to travel don’t travel to the countries out of India. It is also clear dad in friend forever more than 100 coronavirus cases discovered. Thevar vs public places which were closed for visiting.

As we all know due to coronavirus 90000 people killed. In this case, Deepika Padukone has taken really great decision.



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