Funny taglines for Bollywood songs


Here I am going to share you the funniest taglines of Bollywood songs. So Stay tuned and checkout.

Dum Maro Dum

“Uncle see uncha bands potty pe baithe manga.”

Yes, this is Bollywood. Either away how could we not that we sit with pants for doing potty.

We may be wearing the pants and sitting on the Potty space and thinking why our pants are spoiled?

The Bollywood Song Excercise.

“Raat din aiya aiya, sham sube aiyaa aiyaa”.

My God, what is this? You may be thinking this is an adult song but please listen to the song and then you will come to know the girl is talking about the excercise.

Seriously, If you want motivation to go to the gym this song is perfect for you. If you lost your motivation of going to the gym than try this I guarantee you will be re-motivated.

Well, If you talk about me I got motivation of jerking my cock. Raat Din Aiyaa Aiyaa, Sham Sube Aiyaa Aiyaa.”

Try karo aapka bhi uthega….. oops thoda jyada ho gays lekin chalega.

Sarkai Lo Khatiya Lyrics – Raja Babu (1994)

“sarkailo katiya jyada large, sarkailo khatiya……”.

“chi chi dchi chi chi….” my God hat is this. I mean remember an Indian covered porn song that 18+ people can listen to. Children stay away.

And the action by heroine my God will tell you exact story.

Ye Maal Gaadi Tu Lyrics – Andaz (1994)

“Ye Maal Gaadi tu dhakaa laga”.

If we talk about the song vide there is a female saying this.

She seems to be a maal gaadi and she wants here to push her with what?

You guys are intelligent, I never need to mention.

Khada Hai Lyrics – Andaz (1994)

“khada hai, khada hai , khada hai…….’

My Question is what?

Well we have only one thing which we says “khada hai”.

What about yours. I don’t know……


Aaya Mausam Dosti Ka Lyrics – Maine Pyar Kiya (1989)

“Tum Ladki ho…. Mail Ladka hun…….”.

Wow this message is said to a girl. Well, We don’t know that the female is always a girl and male is always a boy.

Khulaasaa……… maa ki ch*****t.

Ek Chumma Lyrics – Chhote Sarkar (1996)

“Ek Chumma tu mujhko udhar de de”.,

My God if the girl don’t kiss you. Ask for the kiss on instalments. Like Bank Loan, Gold loan. and like this Kiss loan. Using this song.

What about the interest. Well Standard terms and conditions apply.

Remember further hero says “badly me up bihar le le”.

Wow I don’t know the movie’s hero is the king of up or bihar or not.

But yes lalu prashad yadav is going to be angry on this thing.

Mere Baap Ki Beti Lyrics – Chal Mere Bhai (2000)

“mere baap ki beti mere ko bhai bolti”.

Wow, “baap ki beti bhai nai to saiyaan ki naiyaan me papiyaa bolegi..”

Well, Salman khan is trying to tell us what is the meaning of different relationships.

You must show your children this song so that hey must come to know about it.

A B C D Lyrics – Hum Saath-Saath Hain: We Stand United (1999)

Uff Tired of writing the lyrics A B C D E F G H I ……. and then I love you.

Remember in the school if we say. this and at the end to I love you  to the teacher.

So teacher will have slapped and you may be having a print of five fingers on your face.

I mean very complicated lyrics.

Good for one who want to learn ABCD small or big both can work.

I am done I don’t have more power to cover this songs. What to do man.

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