Holi Trap 3.0 By Shameless Mani

Holi Trap 3.0 By Shameless Mani
  • Holi Trap 3.0 By Shameless Mani
Holi Trap 3.0 By Shameless Mani

Holi Trap 3.0 By Shameless Mani Download by clicking the Button Below

   ** DOWNLOAD WITH 320 Kbps **

01 – Go Pagal Remix – Shameless Mani

02 – Balam Pichkari Remix – Shameless Mani x DJ Jacky Dubai

03 – Bhankas Remix – Saurabh Gosavi X Shameless Mani

04 – Holi Khele Raghuveera Remix – Shameless Mani x DJ Sahil x DJ Manny

05 – Yummy Remix – Justin Beiber – DJ Omax X Shameless Mani

06 – Tera Rang Balle Balle Remix – Shameless Mani X DJ Mhd

07 – Tip Tip Barsa Pani Remix – Shameless Mani x DJ Sket

08 – Ho Jayegi Balle Balle Remix – Saurabh Gosavi x DJ Lesh India


09 – Aunty Dekh Remix – DJ Herin x Shameless Mani

10 – Gallan Kardi Remix – Shameless Mani x DJ Omax & Ninad

11 – Nagin SmashUp – Saurabh Gosavi x Shameless Mani

12 – Bonus Track – Rang Barse Remix – Shameless Mani x Dj Lucky

13 – Bonus Track – Rangilo Maro Dholna – Shameless Mani x DJ Lucky Remix

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