Kareena Kapoor 20 years in Bollywood


The queen who has started 50 Trend specialized in offscreen dramas human she’s sad the queen of gossip in Bollywood she has the Crown of the same. There are crores of fans of Kareena in the Bollywood scene from India and around the world. The one who uses Khan in her surname is one of the sorted Bollywood personalities. Benz also calls her by the name of Bebo and Poo.

Kareena Kapoor has started her career in acting in the year 2002. She had done movies like Omkara Refugee Bodyguard Jab We Met, etc movies. The biggest filmmakers are still changing Kareena Kapoor for their movies in Bollywood. If it awkward baby she is a good actor as well as a good dancer also.

Kareena Kapoor is coming from the Kapoor family and it seems like the journey of Bollywood is been easy for her. This is really legit but even with their, it is also a fact that she had done a lot of hard work in the industry to get herself popular MBA part of Fame. Keeping this in mind Kareena had changed various awards in her professional life.


She took birth in the house of Ranbir Kapoor and Babita the actor and actresses of an older time. Kareena is having an elder sister name is Karishma Kapoor. She is also a great actress. She is the Granddaughter of raj Kapoor and sister of Raj Kapoor.


At that time after raining, she had got a lead role in Rakesh Roshan’s movie “Kaho Na Pyar Hai”. It was nearly a time to start the shooting some days were left and she denied her role in that. After some time she had got a debut with Abhishek Bachchan in the movie Refugee war and drama film. She had acted A girl named “naaz”, who was the Bangladeshi. People the acting of Kareena Kapoor in this film and it’s been appreciated by them. When it is asked to Kareena how was your experience in the film she said that it was very hard but I had learned various things from here. In the year 2001, she had joined the movie by Satish Kaushik Mujhe Kuch Kahana hai. She had been hired for the movie with Tushar Kapoor. This was found to be a big hit in the box office. Then with her consistent movies, she has started getting Mohan hits in the movie industry and grown her Fame.

After this period Kareena Kapoor, what’s the one husband loved by the various filmmaker for their movies. Once after this long gameplay, she heads fallen from the steps of success, Till when she did her film Ajnabee she got back in her Fame.

The Flop Movie Sessions on the Box Office temporary

She did a film called yandein by Subhash ghaye the two lead actors were jacky shrof and ritik Roshan. She worked with these two actors and the film was the biggest flop on the box office. Then her another movie that year became her turning point called Ajnabee. That movie took her back to fame.  She worked with the finest actor actresses like bobby devol, bipasha basu, and akshay kumar. The movie was though loved by the people.


What’s the time in the year 2001 he had for Karan Johar’s movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham as a character of Pooh. People started loving her for her work in this movie acting her personality, etc.


At this movie, she had listed in the top actresses of Bollywood in India. Much more stories but it are going to be long whatever being said about Kareena Kapoor is less.

The Continous Flop Movies and its effects

After doing kabhi khushi kabhi gam movie during the year 2002 and 2003 she got work in other movies and she did it. The Name of the movies are mujhse dosti karoge, jeena sirf mere liye, Talaash, Khushi, mein prem ki deewani hun, etc were one of them. This movie were found to be unsuccessful on the box office. This was the biggest attack on the career of Kareena Kapoor. Still, she hadn’t lost the hope and continued herself in the Bollywood industry as an actress.

 Back to the Hit movies

In the year 2004 Sudhir Mishra Directed a film was done by Kareena Kapoor. She had acted a Character that was unique to other films by her. She done a come back in the industry with this character play. her versatility was optimized and worked for her. An interesting thing is that Kareena first said no to this movie. She felt that she will not be able to do the character properly. When once again It was asked to her to do the movie she said “yes” and did the film. She earned a best actress award due to this film. In that year Kareena worked in the movie yuva. Where she worked with Vivek obeyroy. Ultimately, the response to the film was not that good. After that she worked on many films like aitraaz, halchal and fida. From this aitraaaz and halchal was very much successful movie on the box office.

Back to Back Films

In the year 2005, Kareena Kapoor started working in Romantic Films. She also worked with one of the best actors of the Bollywood Salman Khan in the movie Khon ki. In the same year she worked in the movie Dosti (Friends forever). After all she also got a chance in Comedy movie Chupchupke, Omkara, and don.

Best Film Love and Heart Breaks

In the year 2007 Kareena worked with Shahid Kapoor in the movie Jab we met. The Movie was so loved by the people due to the comedy and romantic Combination together. She played the role of a girl Called “Geet”, People gave a lot of love to this character. The hidden story is, At this time Kareena was dating Shahid Kapoor. Their affairs were the hottest news of that time. After lot of work out the broke up.

Kareena Kapoor Personal Life

If we talk about the love life of Kareena Kapoor, She very first started dating Ritik Roshan. After breakup with ritik, She started dating Shahid Kapoor. When the news started spreading in the air about their marriage, they broke up. The reason behind this is found to be the proposal of marriage given by saif Ali khan to Kareena. On the right of saif, he had also wrote the name of Kareena with a tattoo. After the movie Tashan, Saif and Kareena were seen in many movies. They wre also opening up their relationship in front of media without any fear. Today they are living a very happy life. They have a kid nowadays who is himself a star kid. It is said that Kareena don’t have a personal social media account handled by herself. But, it is being said in the market that She is having a scret account on social media from where she keeps a watch on the gossips from Bollywood.

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