TikTok Vs Youtube The Trending Fight 2020


TikTok versus YouTube.

One one hand, we have TikTok,

where people put their cringy,

And on other hand,
we have YouTube,

where with days and
days of hard work,

putting in their blood,
sweat, and tears,

people make cringe videos.

Youtubers have been making
roast video on TikTokers,

but this time, TikTokers have retaliated.

There’s a TikToker
named Revolver Rani.

She gave some unique opinions
comparing TikTok and YouTube.

TikTok and YouTube- these two
are totally different platforms,

just like UPSC and IIT (JEE).

You cannot just ignore
the effort TikTokers put in.

Please, guys.

Please. Please, guys.

And you guys wonder
why we roast you.

But I do agree with
what she said after this.

After this, she said that a lot of youtubers
do bodyshame in the name of “roast”,

which is totally wrong.

There are people who think
that bodyshaming is humour,

who think that calling
TikTokers “gay” is humour.

I think they should
just shut up. Okay?

Sister, did you forget
your neck? Where is it?

You, your brother, your sister,
and your gay friends-

all of them make the
same kind of videos.

People are doing such comedy in 2020.
What a shame!

But now, we’ll move on to the
main course of this video today.

Amir Siddiqui- he is a very popular TikToker
with over 3 million subscribers.

This guy made a 8-minute
roast video on youtubers.

And I had the honour
and privilege to be tagged

in this post where he
roasted all youtubers.

In this video, Amir has
annihilated all youtubers.

He has given a befitting reply.
Even more befitting than Tapsee Pannu.

So let’s take a look at this video.

What’s up, everybody?
That’s your boy, Amir Siddiqui.

What the heck, man? Why can’t
they start a video normally?

It’s always- “It’s ya boy, that’s yo boy.”
Is it necessary?

What “it’s yo boy”?
You’re not my boy.

Control your language.

Control your languez.

If I was your father,
and you were my boy,

I would be very disappointed.

Please, I request you.
Stop saying all that

if you want people
to take you seriously.

Anish says that. It does
not mean everyone has to.

You’ve to make
your own image. Got it?

You guys always got
that paintbrush hair.

Who would take
you seriously? Huh?

That’s your boy, Amir Siddiqui,

That’s your boy, Amir Siddiqui,

live all the way
from Mumbai.

(mocking CarryMinati)
So, how are you guys?

So guys…

So, how are you guys?

So, how are you guys?

Hey, Amir, this is enough!
Only I can roast CarryMinati.

So, guys, I wanna tell you that since
a couple hours, I’ve watched all the videos

by youtubers who were talking
about our community.


…who were talking
about our community.

Hey, Amir, we haven’t said
anything about any community.

I think there’s some
miscommunication here.

…who were talking
about our community.

Our TikTok community.



So, guys, I just came here after
parking my tractor at my plot.

…but I did’t like their rubbish
statements and thinking.

So, we’d talk about that.

(mocking Technical Guruji)
So, come, let’s start.

(mocking Technical Guruji)
…let’s start.


Technical Guruji: What did you guys do?

You call our community’s
content as cringe.

Not everyone makes cringe content.

There are some people who
make cringe content.

I agree with that.

“Some people”?

Brother, it’s the opposite.

Some people make
good content on TikTok,

and I feel bad about them.
I said this in my last video too.

Because all the crap content
overshadows the good ones on TikTok.

And I’m pretty sure you’re not
one of those who make cringe content.

Am I right?

“If the listener…
attains some patience,”

“then the value of the one
talking…goes downhill.”

(Ah, yes.
Enslaved cringe.)

You take our videos,
and get views from them.

You also make money,
and call our content cringe.

That makes your content
cringe into 100.

Cringe X 100.

Did you apply Pythagoras’
theorem to get that equation?

Meanwhile, ‘cringe X 100’ is
your stole that keeps on falling.

Please, I am getting distracted.
Fix it, please.

And guys, my second point is CC.

You guys must have understood that.

You’ve to avoid credit card
and content copyright.

Maybe, my community isn’t aware
about content copyright,

but you and I know about it.

If we want, we can do
a lot to your channel,

and a lot of things
can go down. But, guys…

You lot are talking about copyright?

I hope this doesn’t ever happen.

But the day big companies like
T-series and Sony Music

would start copyright
claims on TikTok,

you guys would’ve no jobs left.

We only have learnt that

We only have learnt that

we’ve to support
and love everybody.

I’ve seen that,
in your community,

you guys don’t get along.

You guys quarrel a lot.

Every time he fixes the stole,
I am going to have a sip…

of this special digestive
tonic I’ve made.

You guys quarrel a lot.

If you made some content…

You make 3 videos a month.



Hey, who told you that we post

A video a month…

If you have 3 videos, then all the others in the
YouTube community copy the same content,

and talk about the same thing.

You make brother-sister videos,
others start making it.

You make gold-digger videos,
others start making it.

You follow each other like sheeps do.

I agree with this. Very good.

Although this happened 2 years ago,
but to some extent, it still happens. So…

And you guys fight on that too?
Wow. That means there’s no support.

He’s right. I won’t roast
without reason. I said it already.

We youtubers fight a lot.

You saw what happened
when I met CarryMinati.

He beat me too much.
Huh? Shi-

I punch you with this fact.
I’d tell you about my community now.

[Amir continues boasting]
Oh, Amir, brother.

[Amir continues boasting]
Your stole’s about to fall.

[Amir continues boasting]
Amir, bro!

[Amir continues boasting]
Heck, man. (Tsk)

[Amir continues boasting]
[Saiman slurps]

[Amir continues boasting]

And talking about…
my community,

we’re always in unity.

Yeah, man. I get it.
You guys are in unity.

Your community is united.

Modiji made the Statue of Unity
for you guys. I get it.

And guys, this is not for
you to get offended.

When you did it,
we took it supportingly.

It’s your turn now.
Take it supportingly.

[Fixes stole, roasted]


Don’t roast us so badly, please.

We don’t make 3 videos a month.

We post 3, 4, or 10 contents a day.

Okay, first things first. You TikTokers
won’t last longer than 15 seconds.

Okay? That’s your stamina.

And, bro, I checked your TikTok
profile yesterday. Okay?

[smacks lips]
If you call this content…

Nibbi Girl: I’ve been scrolling over TikTok videos.
All of the guys are clean-shaved.

Where are all the bearded guys?
I like only them.

[reveals beard]
I like only them.

Post a duet to let me
know you’re there.

If you call this content…
then I’ve no punchline for this joke,

because I am speechless.

And this kind of content gets
hundred thousand likes on TikTok.


Let’s just move on with this video,
before I get more depressed. Okay?

So, the day when we
come on YouTube,

your market would
end then and there.

Talk about engagement today-

You guys have already
come to YouTube.

There are a lot of
TikTokers here, man.

And our Amir here has
a YouTube channel too.

I looked at your channel.
What fake pranks you do!

This trended 5 years ago,
and you’re doing it now. Wow.

Kid: I love you too!

[Kid’s engine sputters]

But I was wondering, you make
such good videos on YouTube,

then why did you stop posting?

I guess you realised that it needs some
effort making good content on TikTok ,

but you’ve to put effort to make
even shit videos on YouTube.

I know. I am speaking
from experience.

Actually, guys. All TikTokers
should come to YouTube,

and show them
some better content.

We could cut them off from here.

These people should
be killed like this.

“These people should be killed like this.”
What do you mean, bro?

We’re still talking about
TikTok and YouTube, right?

You run towards money and views.

We don’t.

We run towards one thing,
that is- content.

And love, support, and respect.

Love, support, and respect,

which you don’t give to us.
We’d sure give you respect.

Guruji, thank you.

Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho…

Amir, bro, you’re a saint.

Amir is such a good, honest man,

that he makes TikTok even
when donating to the poor.

Do you know that?

And one more point-
source of earning.

YouTubers and us, both make
money from brands.

If we look today, TikTok has
more brands compared to YouTube.

So, you demotivating and calling
us cringe has no effect on us,

because brands are not idiots
to invest their money here.

Of course, TikTok has more money
and brands because the audience is big.

The majority of people
watch a Salman Khan movie,

the movie makes
the highest collection.

It doesn’t mean that
the movie’s good, right?

I think, in India, no creator should
be proud of their numbers,

because we’ve made
so many babies here

that you put any crap on the screen
and they would watch that. Okay?

I said it right? Right, Amir? You put
anything on screen, they’d watch-

And I’d request my fellow TikTokers-

And I’d request my fellow TikTokers-

Guys, this is a right time.

You guys know it.

We’ve more engagement on Instagram than them.

[‘Für Elise’ plays in background]


[Minecraft plays in background]

So, that is a common sense,
that I was talking about to explain.

I don’t know about common sense,

but to understand what
you just said, we need high IQ.

That is a common sense,
that I was talking about to explain.

That’s it. These are all the points
he covered in this video.

To be honest, I understand his frustration.

Because a lot of YouTubers
always keep roasting TikTok,

because it’s easy content. Okay?

But, Amir, you tagged
me in your post,

that’s why I made a response
video on your response video,

so I could get content. Right?

So, that is all
I have to say.

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Thank you for watching.
Good night. Bye. Shab-ba-khair.

Kailash Kher. Kiran Kher.
Anupam Kher.

Wish you a happy married life.



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