99 Actor Ihan Bhatt’s Song: Sir’s Idea Makes Me Learn Music

99 Actor Ihan Bhatt's Song: Sir's Idea Makes Me Learn Music

For Ihan Bhatt, 99 songs are a manifestation of his “Endless Prayers”. When a Bollywood journey is hard to come by, the Kashmiri boy considers himself fortunate to achieve this personal milestone under the guidance of music teacher and producer AR Rahman. “I experienced this movie. They gave me the scene that required emotion similar to the one I was having at that moment … So it was easier for me to get excited. (Pause) I’m the first person in my family to go to the movies and have ups. I think that’s what it is.” It was reflected in my performance and it gave me the role. I am grateful to Rahman Sir and Geo Studios for believing in me and giving me this opportunity, ”says the actor.

Meeting Rahman for the first time remains one of his most cherished moments. So all we did in that meeting was look at each other, smile, look at the surrounding walls and smile again, ”he laughs, before adding,“ Since she loves Kashmir, we talked about their culture and their great food. ”



As part of project preparation led by Fishwish Krishnamurthy, Bhatt formally trained in music at KM Conservatory of Music in Chennai. “The idea of ​​Rahman Sir was to send me to Chennai to his conservatory to learn music. He wanted me to introduce myself to the world of music, which would help me a lot in shaping my character. I learned piano for a year under the supervision of Surojeet Chatterjee, who not only taught me piano, but treated me Also like a son. My musical sense took to a whole new level, as I interacted with musicians every day. I was so immersed in this musical world that every day I came close to the character in my movie. More than just a challenge, it was a tremendous learning experience for me. It’s a huge learning experience for me. A lifetime opportunity for me, so I fell in love with all the processes that helped me understand my character. I got to know the cast and crew who are very diligent in this movie. Most of AD’s were musicians. Director Fishwish himself was part of the orchestra. It was a constant desire. In learning to play the piano I was able to learn that through this film. I fell in love with everything related to this movie. “

In an industry that does not hide the favoritism, I ask him about the significance of this separation and he says, “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I want to inspire more strangers to come and realize their dreams. I cannot imagine that he could reach this point, especially after the place he is. I left. I would like to thank Mr. Abdul Rahman for this opportunity that he gave me. I want him to be proud. “



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